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Gi. Metal’s solid turning pizza peel will help you enjoy that perfect pizza you’ve always wanted. How does this tool help? It allows you to turn your pizza mid-way through the baking process, directly in the oven. So, what are the advantages to that? The pizza will bake faster, look more even, and taste even more delicious. And when you take out your turning peel, you’ll look like a pro (especially since it’s Gi. Metal).

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We love this peel for its Gi. Metal quality.

Compared to Ooni’s peel, this one is easier to manage because the handle slides along the shaft. (You can work with two hands, without the risk of burning the one closer to the oven!)

It’s true. You could remove your pizza from the oven, turn it, and then put it back in. But heed our warning: Taking your pizza out of the oven before it’s ready will cause it to lose a lot of heat, resulting in a less than optimal texture. And if you just don’t turn the pizza? Well, then it will bake unevenly.

Keep in mind that this peel does not allow you to put your pizza in the oven or remove it. To do that, you need a wooden or metal pizza peel.

If you have a wooden pizza peel, you need a turning peel. The thickness of the wooden peel makes it difficult to remove your pizzas from the oven. You’ll need to use a turning peel with your other hand to support the pizza! But even if you have a metal pizza peel, we recommend that you still keep a turning peel at hand.

Be careful: pizza dough tends to stick to a solid peel. Don’t want to take any chances? Arm yourself with Gi. Metal’s perforated turning peel.

The perfect peel that will turn even the hottest pizzaiolo green with envy.


  • Materials: Stainless steel
  • Dimensions : Head 17 cm (6¾"), Handle lenght 74 cm (29,50")
  • Manufacturer's warranty: 1 year with

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We love this peel for its Gi. Metal quality.




Handwash with warm water and mild soap.


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